City-, Day Tours & Vias Verdes in Spain

Are you interested in exploring a city or set area by bicycle? Take a bike excursion through Barcelona or Sevilla, or enjoy a relaxing day trip on one of the various “vias verdes” found throughout the country. Biking while traveling through Spain will allow you to see more, feel more, and experience more than any other form of transportation.

In the Spotlight

Cycling the Spanish Vias Verdes

We think the Vias Verdes are a great initiative with a lot of touristic potential. At the same time, however, a lot of work is still necessary to get all of the 2,500 kilometers of the paths up to par and maintain them properly.

Cycling Areas

Choose a Region:
1. Andalusia
2. Canary Islands
3. Catalonia
4. Mallorca (Balearic Islands)
5. Central Spain
6. Northern Spain
7. Costa Blanca (Valencia & Murcia)
8. Pyrenees

Andalusia   Information on the Region »

Guided Bike Tours in the City of Granada

The city of Granada has always been attractive to foreign visitors. As part of the “golden city triangle” of Sevilla-Cordoba-Granada, it is an unmissable destination when visiting Andalusia. What is lesser known is that Granada is a great city to explore by bike.

Cycling the Via Verde del Aceite (Andalusia)

We consider the Via Verde del Aceite one of the top 10 most beautiful vias verdes in Spain. From the starting point in Jaen, you ride 128 relaxed kilometers through the heart of Andalusia, past beautiful villages and towns nestled in the endless olive groves.

Bike Tours with a Guide Through Cordoba

A thousand years ago, Cordoba was the most important city in the world. It is a city with Eastern charm and splendor, but also one that was a leader in the fields of art and science. What could be a better way to learn about this history of this unique city than by taking a guided bike tour?

Catalonia   Information on the Region »

Canary Islands   Information on the Region »

Recreational bike tours in Lanzarote with a touring or e-bike

The Bike Sensations company organizes guided bike tours from Puerto del Carmen and soon also from Playa Blanca. The tours begin at the Bike Sensations store where you meet your English-speaking guide. You will get an excellent touring bike here, but you can also opt for an electric bike.

Mallorca (Balearic Islands)   Information on the Region »

Guided Cycling Tours in Palma de Mallorca

It is a shame that many tourists miss the city of Palma (the cultural center of the island). Especially considering you can get to the know all of Palma de Mallorca quite well in a three-hour bike ride.

Central Spain   Information on the Region »

Guided Bike Tours in Madrid with Bajabikes

A Biking tour through the Spanish capital is a safe, fun and an easy way of getting to know the city. A bike tour allows you to explore within a few hours what would normally take one or two days to see. See the highlights in downtown Madrid such as the Royal Palace, Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor and the Retiro Park.

Northern Spain   Information on the Region »

Don’t Miss It: Cycling the Bárdenas Reales

Navarra is a region with many faces. In the north the high peaks of the Pyrenees, and in the south the plains reminiscent of Castile. The region is also home to the largest desert in Europe, the Bárdenas Reales, and when you visit this place you really cannot believe your eyes.

Biking Bilbao – A Lovely Surprise

Bilbao is a city full of surprises and one that is perfect to discover by bike. The city offers both a charming historic center, as well as a futuristic side with impressive modern architecture, the Guggenheim museum being the most well-known of these buildings

Valencia and Murcia (east coast)   Information on the Region »

City Tours and bike rentals in Valencia

Valencia is gaining in popularity. Foreign visitors choose to rent a bicycle in Valencia as a way to get to know the city. Does this interest you? Valencia Bikes will help you on your way.

Guided Bike Tour Through Valencia

On your bike through Valencia with an English-speaking guide, you quickly gain a familiarity with the city. You can choose out of a few different themes of guided tours.