Guided Bike Tours through Barcelona with Baja Bikes

Cycling has become an increasingly popular way to see the city for Barcelona visitors and the number of bike paths and bike rental companies has been growing steadily over the years.

Baja Bikes has been organizing bike tours through Barcelona since 2005. It has been the market leader for years and has an excellent reputation, which is important as not all of the newcomers on the scene are equally reliable. Taking a Baja Bikes guided bike tour allows you to get an overall impression of the city in just a few hours. On one tour you cover as much ground as you would walking for two days.

Baja Bikes has a branch in all major Spanish cities. In Barcelona, they are located at Placa de la Llana 3, not far from the Picasso Museum.

  • Choose out of a variety of tours
  • Safe and fun
  • City walks also offered
  • Online booking

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