Cycling on Mallorca (Balearic Islands)

Mallorca is a top destination for cyclists around the world. The concentration of cyclists is greater than anywhere else in Spain. The combination of beautiful landscapes, extensive road networks, and pleasant climate, makes it seem as if Mallorca was specially made for cyclists. Professional cycling teams and cycling tourists alike can be found riding throughout the island. The offering of bicycle rental companies, cycling hotels, and bike travel organizations is widespread – making accessing your cycling needs extremely easy. Mallorca is not only an ideal destination for road and leisure cyclists but for mountain bikers as well.

Cycling Options on Mallorca (Balearic Islands)

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Bike Rental

Cycling Accommodation

Villa and Home Rentals for Cyclists on Mallorca

Dutchman Ed Claassen started with renting out one villa on the island of Mallorca some years ago. Since then, his company Bike Villas Mallorca has expanded tremendously and offers a lovely selection of accommodations geared specifically to cyclists.

City-, Day Tours & Vias Verdes

Guided Cycling Tours in Palma de Mallorca

Het is zonde dat veel toeristen direct van het vliegveld naar hun hotel aan de kust vertrekken en het culturele hoogtepunt van het eiland links laten liggen. En dat terwijl je op de fiets in drie uur een heel goede indruk van de stad Palma de Mallorca kunt krijgen.

Road Cycling

Cycling Holidays (trekking)

8-days Cycling Holiday in Ibiza

Eye4Cycling organises an attractive cycling trip in Ibiza, a surprisingly pleasant cycling destination. From a fixed hotel you can make recreative day trips through a flat, rolling and sometimes hilly landscape.