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What does one do if biking is your hobby, Spain is your favorite country, and media and design is your career background?

You start a website about cycling in Spain of course!

When we first wanted to organize our own week-long cycling trip to Spain some years ago, we remember spending nearly a whole Sunday scouring the internet in order to gather all the various information we needed, such as what regions we could cycle in, directions to these various areas, where we could rent a good bike, and which routes would be suitable for our experience level, etc. Most of the sites we found at the time were created by the travel providers themselves, on which they promoted themselves and their services to the best of their abilities. Although there is nothing wrong with this, of course, we greatly desired a place on the internet where we could get a more unbiased, wide-ranging, and thorough overview of all of the information that we were seeking. And this has become the exact mission of this website…

On our site, we describe in detail the most beautiful and worthwhile regions to cycle and simultaneously provide you with all of the information you may need to organize and plan your trip in that specific region. You will also find information about specific bike companies that can help you organize a trip. Through our years of research, we have decided to only promote those companies that we have personally vetted and that we find truly helpful and valuable. Therefore, our depiction of these businesses is always positive, as we do not include the companies that we do not feel are worthy of mention. Companies interested in being included on our site can find more information HERE.

Who Are We? 

Liesbeth Muurling & Hans Resing
As a couple, we have biked in and through quite some countries together, including the European countries, The U.S.A. (coast to coast), Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Malaysia, and Morocco.

Hans studied Spanish at the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands and in Sevilla, Spain and has worked for many years in the media world. Liesbeth worked for many years in healthcare and development consulting but has recently taken up her other passion of photography. She specializes in cycling and documentary photography.

Hans Resing
Liesbeth Muurling