Mountain Biking in Spain

Mountain biking has become an increasingly popular sport in Spain, and it is not difficult to understand why. With its rugged and mountainous terrain, numerous dirt roads, and plenty of open spaces to explore, it is no question why Spain has become a destination for mountain bike enthusiasts. Through this growth in popularity, renting good mountain bikes has become much easier, in addition to finding specialized mountain bike travel agencies offering unique mountain bike excursions for all levels. In the more frequented mountain bike areas, there are even “Centros BTT” as they are called, which are centers that provide route information, dressing rooms, and bike washing areas.

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Cycling Areas

Andalusia   Information on the Region »

Cycling Holidays in Spain with Sunhillcycling

Sunhill Cycling arranges fully-organized cycling trips from the Andalusian city Ronda, an hour from Malaga. The owner, Dutchman Ger de Hues, has received many positive reviews and returning customers over the years.

Mountainbiking and Road Cycling in Almeria with Almeria Bike Tours

Almeria is de droogste provincie van Spanje. Er zijn delen waar per jaar minder dan 200 mm water regen valt en die dus officieel de benaming ‘woestijn’ verdienen. Voor fietsers een prima bestemming voor het voorjaar, najaar en de zelfs winter. In februari is het hier al prima fietsen. In dit droge en zonovergoten gebied vonden we een hartverwarmende plek: het Bikestation van Christel (Duits) en Francis (Spaans). Duits, dat wil zeggen: tot in de puntjes geregeld, Spaans wil zeggen: gezellig en warm.

Canary Islands   Information on the Region »

Valencia and Murcia (east coast)   Information on the Region »