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Aragon in a Nutshell

The Pyrenees to the north, the mountains of the Sistema Iberico to the south, and a large stretch of the bone-dry Ebro Valley in between, holding the capital city of Zaragoza. Aragon is a region with a rich history and many monumental towns and cities. It is as large as the Netherlands but only houses 1.2 million people, more than half of which live in the capital of Zaragoza.

Cycling in Aragon gives a rare feeling of peace and vastness. Aragon has a lot to offer cyclists: the longest Via Verde in Spain, a world-renowned mountain biking area, and an extremely popular long-distance route. You can find descriptions of all of these and other cycling possibilities below, with even more on the way as Aragon has ambitious plans to expand their cycling infrastructure even further…

7x Cycling in Aragon…

Adventurous trek: The Camino del Cid
Via Verde: the Via Verde del Zafan
Via Verde: the Via Verde de Ojos Negros
Mountain Biking: Ainsa Zona Zero, world-renowned MTB area
Cycling in the city: Zaragoza, a pleasant bike-friendly city
Gran Fondo: the Quebrantahuesos. The most beautiful and most intense of Spain.
Photos: Cycling in Aragon


cycling Aragon

The province of Huesca in the north. The province of Zaragoza in the middle. The province Teruel in the south.

The Other Camino: The Camino del Cid

On the Camino del Cid you will follow in the footsteps of the mythical knight El Cid. It is a route through the heart of Spain and through the peaceful southern region of Aragon. It begins in Burgos and ends in Valencia, although you can also continue on to Alicante. One of the most beautiful cycling routes in Spain. Read more…

The Via Verde Val del Zafan

This via verde starts in Puebla de Hijar and then take you in the direction of the Mediterranean Sea. After 78 kilometres you will cross the Catalonian border. You can continue cycling on the via verde to the coast, only it changes names here (Via Verde de Alto/Baix Ebro). If you follow the via verde all the way to the coast, you will have a beautiful 130-kilometre route. Read more about the Via Verde Val del Zafan

Zona Zero Pirineo: a World-Renowned MTB Area

A few residents of Ainsa (Huesca), located at the foot of the Pyrenees, dreamed of turning their town into an internationally renowned mountain biking area. After years of hard work, they succeeded. The beautifully maintained and signposted MTB routes and the numerous facilities attract mountain bikers from all over the world to Ainsa. Read more…

The Via Verde de Ojos Negros

The Via Verde de los Ojos Negros, located between the interior of Tereul (Aragon) and the coats of Valencia is the longest via verde of Spain, and is one of the most popular in the country. Due to its length (160 kilometres), this route is divided into two sections. It is easiest to cycle from the interior to the coast. Read more…

Zaragoza: a Pleasant and Bike-Friendly

Centrally located in Spain, yet with few international visitors. This is quite a shame considering that Zaragoza is a beautiful and bustling city with a rich history, many monuments, and a lovely centre. The city bike infrastructure is impressive with many newly-constructed bike lanes that give cyclists plenty of space. There are two so-called “green rings” around the city – one north of the Ebro and one to the south – together which provide for 60 kilometres of peaceful cycling routes to explore the city. Read more…

The Quebrantahuesos: the Most Beautiful Gran Fondo in Spain

3,500 vertical meters, 200 kilometres, many famous Pyrenean passes, and more than 10,000 participants. The Quebrantahuesos is the best known, toughest and most prestigious Gran Fondo in Spain. A cycling party that everyone wants to be a part of and where former professionals are welcome guests (and participants). The route starts and finishes in Sabañigo in Huesca. There is only one drawback: fate decides whether you can participate or not. Read more…

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