Cycling in Zaragoza (Aragon)

Zaragoza is a beautiful, welcoming city and one of the best cycling cities in Spain. Cycling in Zaragoza is fun.

  • Beautiful and quiet bike lanes
  • Also for longer trips outside the city
  • Get a map with all cycle paths at the Tourist Office or at La Cicleria
  • You can rent a bike or do guided cycling excursions

Zaragoza, capital of the autonomous region of Aragon, lies at a crossroads of routes,  on the banks of the river Ebro. Spaniards consider the city ‘very centrally located’ so halfway between Madrid and Barcelona, but for foreigners it is a bit off the traditional traffic routes.

Zaragoza is a beautiful, lively and welcoming city. The city was completely revamped in the run-up to the 2008 World Expo, and on that occasion the road network was also revamped. Not entirely to the delight of motorists, bicycles were given plenty of space and an extensive network of bike lanes was created.

The huge Cathedral Basilica de Pilar, containing the tiny statue of the Virgin Mary El Pilar has great appeal for Christians from Spain and the rest of the world. But even without a religious motive, you can have a great time in Zaragoza. The many historic buildings, the greenery along the river and in the parks, the Tubo quarter with fantastic bars and tapas bars, the huge and cosy square, the museums, it all makes Zaragoza to a more then attractive destination.

The city centre is nice and uncluttered and compact. You wouldn’t say that Zaragaoza is the 4rd largest city in Spain. Bike lanes are all over the city. It’s fun to cycle along the Ebro, on both the north and south sides.

The biggest square in Spain, with the famous Basilica del Pilar

Not far from La Seo (a second cathedral, not as big as big, but more culturally more interesting) right in the centre of Zaragoza is La Cicleria.  La Cicleria is a bike rental shop, a bike repair shop, a bike cafe and much more all at once. We parked our bikes there and they were fine. The collective that runs la Cicleria is trying to give cycling in Zaragoza the place it deserves.

If you feel like spending a few hours cycling in Zaragoza, walk into la Cicleria and rent a city bike. For 12 euros you can cycle for 4 hours. Ask for the city’s bike map which shows all bike paths and a number of routes.

Click here for La Cicleria’s website (in Spanish)
You can hire electric bikes in Zaragaza from the company Ebrobizi
For a city tour in Zaragoza with well known company Bajabikes visit their website:
For more information on cycling in Aragon:

La Cicleria repair shop in Zaragoza

The bike cafe


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