Mountain Biking the Costa Blanca: an unexpected Experience

Although the Costa Blanca region is most well-known as a favorite winter and spring destination for training road cyclists, it is a little-known fact that this area also offers great possibilities for mountain bikers.

There are beautiful natural areas in and around Calpe, Moreira, and Javea that mountain bikers can enjoy. Here, Snakebite, a company owned and run by  Dutchman Mike, organizes personalized (guided) mountain bike tours.

  • Personalized tours for individuals or small groups
  • For beginner and experienced mountain bikers
  • Rental without a guided tour also possible
  • Tours are highly rated by former participants

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Mountain Biking out of Moreira (…Calpe and Javea)

In Moreira, the owner of Snakebite MTB Adventures, Mike, rents mountain bikes. In 2014, Mike traded in his job as a consultant in The Netherlands to become a cycling guide in Spain. He has created an array of routes around Moreira between the coastal and inland areas.

The Best of Both Worlds
While visiting Snakebite MTB adventures, Mike told us all about the advantages of mountain biking the Costa Blanca, “for a true hardcore mountain biker, a trip high into the mountains may be the ultimate experience, but what does the rest of the family do? You don’t have to worry about that here,” he explained, “as you can take off on your bike early in the morning and enjoy the rugged nature in the area, and by the afternoon you can enjoy the beach or a terrace with your family.”

According to Mike, what makes this region special is the contrast between the coast and the inland areas. Less than ten kilometers from the coast, a completely different landscape emerges, scattered with olive and orange trees, vineyards, and rock-covered hills, providing a gorgeous and peaceful backdrop for cycling.

Suitable for Both Beginner and Experienced Mountain Bikers
The routes around Moreira are suitable for both novice and slightly more experienced mountain bikers as the majority of the routes are quite accessible for all levels. A good physical condition is required, however, due to the combination of the subsurface (mostly gravel and rock) and altimeters. If you are a real MTB diehard, Mie can also take you for a ride on the more technical tracks.

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