When to Cycle the Pyrenees

The Climate of the Spanish Pyrenees

The Pyrenees form both a physical and climatological border between France and Spain. The southern side is warmer and drier than the northern part. If it rains, it rains hard for a period of time followed a break in the clouds and sun. The winter months are cold.

When to Cycle the Pyrenees…

November to March
Cold, snow and rain. So stay away unless you are a hardcore mountain biker.

April, May, and October
It can still be quite cold during these months, but can also be quite nice. It is hard to say as weather in the mountains is often less predictable than flatter areas.

June, July, August, and September
This is the best time to cycle. During this time is it quite hot in the lower elevation areas so the mountains are a nice reprieve. It must be noted, however, that the mountains can always offer surprising weather.


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Fietsen in de Pyreneeën

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