When to Cycle Mallorca (Balearic Islands)?

Mallorca has a Mediterranean climate. The summers are warm and sunny, while the winters are mild and the temperature almost always stays above zero. The rainfall is moderate and spread across the season, which differs from the rest of Spain where the majority of the annual rainfall occurs in a short amount of time. The mountainous regions are considerably cooler and wetter than the rest of the island.

When to Cycle Mallorca?
Mallorca has a cycling season that begins early and continues through the majority of the year. The cycling companies start offering bike trips as early as February. In the peak summer months, the sun and beach tourists take over the island and the cycling tourism tapers off significantly. After the summer it is possible to cycle into the month of November comfortably. Even in December and January there are times that cycling is quite lovely, but the uncertainty is also much higher in regards to weather.

 For example, as I write this (December 18th) it is 16 degrees in La Palma.






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