Vias Verdes

Cycling the Spanish Vias Verdes
The so-called “vias verdes” or greenways are becoming increasingly popular in Spain. Vias verdes are old railways that have been turned into cycling and walking paths most often in the form of gravel trails through nature. In total, the vias verdes in Spain span a length of more than 2,500 kilometers; the longest of them is 190 kilometers, and the shortest less than 5.

Not all of the vias verdes are equally well-maintained and sometimes they can even be a bit boring. If you pick out the good ones, however, they can be a very enjoyable experience. To learn more visit:

There is an organization in Spain dedicated to the maintenance, development, and promotion of the vias verdes. Click HERE for their English website and HERE for their brochure.

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kaart vias verdes


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