Rompelberg Cycling Holidays Mallorca

The multiple world record-holding cyclist Fred Rompelberg founded Rompelberg Cycling Holidays in 1993. The family business has now been passed on to the next generation and is led by Letizia Rompelberg and her husband Jetse Scholma.

  • All-inclusive cycling holidays (flight, transfers, hotel, bike rental, group rides)
  • Separate services also available (bike rentals, group rides, etc.)
  • Competitively priced
  • Group rides at various levels
  • High-quality hotels and bikes
  • Program for non-cycling partners

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An Island Made for Cycling Holidays

Rompelberg was one of the first to recognize Mallorca’s potential to be a great destination for cycling holidays.  With mild winters, numerous hours of sunshine and little rain, Mallorca offers the perfect conditions for sport and relaxation all year round. There is an abundance of high-quality accommodations, the roads are beautiful, and you can choose between climbing or for flatter rides.

At Rompelberg Cycling Holidays you can choose from hotels in all price and service levels, located in the seaside resorts of Alcúdia and Playa de Palma. The group rides are of course central to the cycling holidays on Mallorca. You can choose between five cycling levels, corresponding to daily distances of 50 to 150 kilometers. Bringing your own bike to Mallorca is of course possible, but we actually advise against it. At Rompelberg you can rent excellent aluminum or carbon (Di2) road bikes for an amount that makes lugging your own bike unnecessary. Sports bikes and e-bikes are also available for rent.

For more information on cycling holidays from Rompelberg on Mallorca visit their website.
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