Mountainbiking in the Girona Area

  • Combination of sea, medium to high mountain ranges
  • Suitable for both cross-country (XC) as well as enduro
  • Relatively undiscovered mountain bike areas
  • Predominantly natural trails
  • Easy accessibility
  • Also rich in culture and gastronomy

Girona is mostly known as an excellent base for road cycling. However, it is a less known fact that this region is also perfectly suited for both cross-country as well as enduro mountain biking. This province hosts an infinite amount of mountain bike trails for every level. What distinguishes Girona, is the vast variety in landscape. One day you can go biking in the Pyrenees at 2000 meter height, whereas the next you could experience awesome descends along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Mountain biking around Girona and Costa Brava is a perfect option for your mtb holiday in Spain. Find out more below about the four best mountain bike areas around Girona and the Costa Brava: Girona (city), Cap de Creus, The Pyrenees and Santa Coloma de Farners.

Girona (city)

The city of Girona is ideally located within the province of Girona. Just behind the historical centre you enter a beautiful nature reserve called Les Gavarres. This area consists of low mountain ranges stretching all the way down to the Mediterranean Sea. The area offers ideal riding conditions for every type of rider. From calm, flowy single trails to rocky trails full of technical shoots and drops, this area has something for everyone. Additionally, Les Gavarres hosts a large amount of pistas (gravel paths). Through these pistas, it is very easy to reach different trails and to enjoy the beautiful views along the way. Due to corona, the inhabitants of Girona were not allowed to exercise outside of their city for a substantial amount of time. The nice thing is, this has resulted in a huge number of new trails that have been made ridable again.

In the centre of Les Gavarres you will find the restaurant/bar “Santuari de la Mare de Déu dels Àngels” or simply known as Els Angels. A stop at this place is highly recommended during your day on the mtb. After an exciting day of mountain biking, riding back into Girona is very satisfying as there are plenty of cosy squares and terrasses waiting for you. The combination of awesome trails, culture and a great atmosphere, makes Girona an interesting mtb and holiday destination. It is therefore no wonder that Girona is the hometown of mtbAdventures.

Cap de Creus (Roses / Cadaqués / Port de la Selva)

In the north-east of Spain lies the protected national park of Cap de Creus. This is a beautiful area where the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea meet. The highest point is about 600 meters and on average, this is considered a relatively hilly area. From the several peaks, you can descend all the way down to the sea. And as you may expect, this results in some astonishing views. What could be better than descending along the cliffs whilst enjoying beautiful views of the bays? Cap de Creus truly offers an unique mountain bike experience which you should not miss during holiday around Girona and the Costa Brava.

In the centre of this area, lies the picturesque fisherman’s village of Cadaqués. During the high season, this place is overflown with tourists. However outside of the school holidays, this is an idyllic place to enjoy the sun and the Spanish lifestyle. Around this area you can enjoy both cross-country as well as the more hardcore enduro trails. Depending on your level of fitness, you could make multiple descents or you could opt for a calmer ride along the beautiful coastline and the bays. Regardless of which trails you choose, don´t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved cold beer at one of the chiringuitos. These are typical Spanish beach bars, beautifully located so that you can enjoy both a drink and amazing views.

The Pyrenees

Depending on what you fancy, the Pyrenees offer a multitude of options. In less than an hour´s drive from Girona, you will find the trails of the Spanish Enduro European Series. In Maçanet de Cabrenys, lies the relatively know area of Les Salines. This is an excellent choice if you love enduro. A little further down, you will encounter the bike park of La Molina.  During winter, this is a beloved skiing destination however during the summer, this is the place for both downhill as well as enduro lovers. A visit to the La Molina bike park is highly recommended.

Santa Coloma de Farners

Last but not least, is the trail park of Santa Coloma de Farners/Riudarenes. The trails here are mostly natural, with the occasional bike park elements. The park, hosts an average trail length of about 2 kilometres with a height difference of around 250 to 300 meters. These conditions create the ideal environment for a fun day full of biking. Furthermore, the park is centrally located within just half an hour drive of Girona and other famous coastal towns along the Costa Brava such as Lloret de Mar and Blanes. This makes this a great option to combine with your summer holiday along the coast.

These are the top 4 best areas to go mountain biking around Girona and the Costa Brava. For every level of fitness and type rider, this area hosts a suitable trail. From the more hardcore enduro trails in the Pyrenees to beautiful views at Cap de Creus, this diverse area has lots to offer.


  • Bike rent for hard trail is well represented in the area, however renting a full suspension mtb is a bit more of a challenge. The best thing to do is to bring your own bike on holiday with you. At the La Molina bike park you can rent downhill bikes.
  • Routes & trails: there are several marked routes in the area (recognizable by the famous symbol with the triangle and two circles) however, these are predominantly the more calm cross country routes. You will find more information about these routes at the local tourism office. For the more exciting cross country and enduro trails, use However, it is recommended to contact a local mtb agency, as the trails change every year (through storm, rains and vegetation) and sometimes become impassable.
  • Local mountain bike agencies in the area:
    • La Molina bike park: a lift assisted bike park in the Pyrenees
    • mtbAdventures: a local guide and tour agency specialized in cross country & enduro
    • Accessibility: the area of Girona and Costa Brava is well serviced. You can fly into both Girona Airport as well as Barcelona Airport from many cities within Europe (and even outside of Europe) with several (low-cost) airlines.
    • Climate/when to go: the best travel period for the ´lower´ areas is from march till June and from September till November. During the summer, the Pyrenees are an excellent option.



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