2000 Kilometers of Mountain Biking in Andalusia: The Transandalus

The TransAndalus is a 2,000-kilometer bike route that makes a perfect loop through Andalusia. The route is the work of a group of Andalusian mountain bike enthusiasts who cobbled it together in order to complete the loop.

The route is geared toward MTBs who transport their own luggage and therefore extremely rugged and technical parts are avoided. 35% of the route passes through protected natural areas such as the Sierra de Baza, Sierra de Cazorla, Sierra de Aracena, De Donana, etc. All of the most beautiful parts of Andalusia are connected by the route. The stages are designed in such a way that you always arrive in a place at the end of the day with sufficient facilities (at least for overnight stays). The route is not straightforward, but the websites offer so many options (detailed map materials, GPS routes) that this does not cause any problems. The website, with all the information you need, is also available in English.



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