Gravel biking in Spain

Gravel biking is a young but fast-growing sport. Bike suppliers, component manufacturers, cycling event organisers… everyone has embraced gravel biking or is busy doing so. Even a venerable institution like the Tour de France chooses to send riders over gravel roads.

Spain is a country with endless possibilities for gravel bikers. The country is full of dirt roads and trails. More than any country in Europe I should say, without having hard evidence for that. Not just short stretches between two paved roads, but long challenging stretches through endless landscapes. The 2,000 kilometers of via verde (gravel paths on old railway tracks) are also very suitable for gravel bikes.

Bike Packing
Even better: cycling through Spain on a gravel bike from place to place. The little luggage you take with you is in bags attached to your frame and under your saddle. Or with the good old panniers on the back of your bike. Anyway, this so-called bike packing is fun and adventurous. And with modern navigation apps you can find your way even in the remotest parts of Spain.

Gravel routes
We will be working on a selection of gravel bike routes on this page in the near future. These can be routes you do in one day or over several days.

The Camino del Cid on a gravel bike
Al Ballut
Gravel biking around Girona

gravel biking spain


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