When to cycle Catalonia?

The Climate of Catalonia
Hugging the coast of Spain, Catalonia experiences a Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and hot summers. The inland areas of the region experience warmer summers and colder winters, due to the reduced influence of the sea and the mountains. The rainfall periods are short and intense.

When to Cycle Catalonia?

December, January, and February

If staying close to the coastal areas, these months offer decent cycling weather with temperatures above 10 degrees. The mornings are often cool, but the days offer clear skies and lots of sun. As it is winter, there is always a chance of (heavy) rain. The mountains are not ideal for cycling during this time period.

March, April, and November

Cycling is quite pleasant during this time. In November, the temperatures begin to drop below 20 degrees and rain is always possible.

May, June, and October

Beautiful cycling months, with average temperatures above 20 degrees.

July, August, and September

It may be too hot to cycle for some, although the temperatures are more moderate than the rest of Spain. In September the temperatures drop significantly, creating beautiful cycling weather.





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