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Under the heading Cycling Holiday (Trekking) on this site you will find written out multi-day routes, and organized trekking tours. If you are looking for cycling routes in Spain for a day trip or only a few days, check out one of the following route websites listed below. There you will find short routes, long routes, and everything in between. These routes are almost always available in GPS format and can be downloaded in various ways, including to your mobile phone.
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Choice of road cycling trips, mountain bike trips, and A to B rides.
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Also includes hiking trails, scenic car routes, etc.
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Also includes hiking trails, scenic car routes, etc.
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Only a few routes in Spain so far, but could expand
In the past, Spain had an extensive network of regional railways. However, many of the railways fell into disuse over the years, and now 2,500 km of the former railway lines have been converted into cycling paths and walkways. Some Vias Verdes are only a few kilometers long, while others stretch up to 50 or more kilometers. On the website of the Vias Verdes, you will find a leaflet with a beautiful overview map. Click here for the Vias Verdes website







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