Cycling Routes, Road Networks, and Mountains in Catalonia

Catalonia has an extremely accessible and close-knit road network that is perfect for cyclists. In the beautiful Baix Emporda region (province Girona) there is a lovely network of cycling routes. The same applies to the basin of the Segre river in the province of Lleida (Lerida).

In the summertime, the roads near the coast are quite crowded, especially on the Costa Brava. Despite mass tourism, the Costa Brava remains one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in Spain, making it an attractive destination for cyclists.

There are a number a “Vias Verdes” (greenways) in Catalonia. These are old railroads converted into cycling and walking paths. There are a few different routes available, including those between Girona, Olot, and the Costa Brava.  Some people take a bus to the highest point on the route and then take the relaxing ride down.

Catalonia (including the Pyrenees) also has 6400 kilometers of signposted mountain bike routes. Routes start from one of the information centers (Centro VTT) where tourist and route information are available. The routes can be found throughout Catalonia: inland, on the Costa Brava, and in the coastal areas of Barcelona and the Costa Dorado (the coast under Barcelona).

A beautiful cycling area is the Priorat-Montsant in the Tarragona province in the south of Catalonia and the whole area that stretched to the provinces of Teruel and Castellón. In addition to charming villages and incredible natural landscapes, you will also find your choice of roads. Some are quite challenging, while others are almost flat, such as the Via Verde between the Ebro Delta, Tortosa, and the Matarraña area in Teruel.

If you are looking to avoid excessive climbing, then you can manage well in large parts of Catalonia, especially in the slightly hilly region on Baix Emporda (Girona province). Those seeking a climb travel a little further inland to the low mountains. However, if you want real elevation gain you should visit the Pyrenees (see this section on the website).



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