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Fuerteventura: Sun, Relaxation, and Space
Fuerteventura is the second largest of the Canary Islands, but the least densely populated. The island is known for its consistently sunny weather, its beautiful beaches, and its susceptibility to wind (which gives the island its name). Beach lovers and windsurfers have always been attracted to this island destination, however, the government has focused on marketing the island as a place to enjoy nature, peace, and…cycling!

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Not many mountains, yet lots of climbing…
Fuerteventura is often compared to nearby Lanzarote. An important difference in the two, however, is that Fuerteventura is twice as large as Lanzarote with half the population. This dissimilarity means that Fuerteventura is wonderfully tranquil, with small, well-kept roads and infrequent car traffic. The landscape is arid with small oases and charming villages scattered throughout. Although you will not find tall mountains here, the frequent rolling hills provide enough of a challenge (especially when the wind is blowing) for those seeking to train. Training road cyclists and triathletes will find Fuerteventura a wonderful destination to cycle a high volume of kilometers with little to no disturbances. A good starting point in the sports resort Las Playitas, which is comparable to Club La Santa in Lanzarote.

Good for Mountain Bikers
The peace and large open spaces make Fuerteventura a great destination for mountain bike trips. There are a good number of companies that rent mountain bikes and who organize various excursions and can accommodate any mountain biking needs.

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