Cycling from Alicante to Valencia along the Costa Blanca

Cycling from Alicante to Valencia is an ideal and relatively easy way to get to know Spain as a cycling country. You start your journey by flying into the surprisingly authentic city of Alicante and cycle along the coast to popular Valencia. The coast is always nearby. This self-guided cycling holiday is organized by the Valencia-based Lazypedals.

  • Self-guided 8 day (7 night) tour
  • Route filled with nature, culture, and history
  • Total distance between 230 and 260 kilometers
  • Luggage transport between hotels

Sea, sun, but also greenery, history, and culture

The Costa Blanca is one of Spain’s most popular holiday destinations for beachgoers. The coast is very tourist, which is why it is impressive that Lazypedals has managed to create such a cultural, natural, and historical route connecting the cities of Alicante and Valencia.

The mellow daily distances and relatively flat course ensure a relaxed and carefree week of cycling. At the end of a day of cycling, you will find your luggage waiting for you at the hotel with plenty of time left in the day to relax, have a look around town, grab a drink on a terrace, and find a nice spot for dinner. Many of the stopping points along the route, such as Altea and Denia, have managed to retain their unique characters, despite the touristy surroundings. After a week of cycling, you will reach the city of Valencia, the cultural third largest city in Spain, whose center is also well-suited for exploring by bike.

Find the day by day programme and more information on the Lazypedals website.

Cycling Alicante Valencia

The end of the trip. Paella on the beach of Valencia


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