Road Cycling in the Barcelona area and Catalonia

Claudio Montefusco is a cycling enthusiast and has an incredibly extensive knowledge of the cycling routes in Barcelona and Catalonia. If you are planning to cycle in this area, you should not miss an opportunity to interact with this extremely passionate and knowledgeable character.

  • Rent good road bikes
  • Bikes are delivered to your hotel or apartment
  • Guided or independent (GPS) road bike tours
  • From a day to a week
  • Luggage and overnight accommodations can be arranged
  • High ratings

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Road Biking Catalonia

If you are in Barcelona or on the Costa Brava and want to cycle for a day, Claudio Montefusco has a ready-made solution for that. He will come to your hotel, drop off a great carbon road bike, and guide you through the most beautiful roads in the area surrounding Barcelona. Claudio is all about customization and finding the best option for you – therefore you can also cycle with him for up to a week, do one of his themed trips., or go your own way and utilize a GPS. Claudio knows almost everything there is to know about cycling in the region from rentals, luggage transport, suggestions for overnight stays and routes, etc. and therefore is a great resource if visiting the area for a cycling trip.

You can also choose to go it alone. In this case, you can simply rent a road bike from him and set off on one of his recommended routes. He delivers bikes to many places around Catalonia. Although we have not cycled with Claudio ourselves, we have checked out his Tripadvisor ratings, not bad! Tripadvisor Reviews

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