Rent a Bike Seville: The best place for cycling Seville city and Andalusia

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Rent a Bike Seville is a company with a wide range of services. As a cyclist, you can get all of your questions answered here, whether you want to cycle in the city itself or through the Andalusia region.
  • Rent all types of bicycles
  • Organization of personally tailored bike trips through Andalusia
  • Located in the heart of Sevilla

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Rent a Bike Seville rents all types of bicycles

Cycling Spain visited Rent a Bike in Seville and met with the owner Carlos. Rent a Bike Sevilla is located on the Plaza Santa Cruz, right in the center of the city on the edge of the Barrio Santa Cruz (one of the highlights of Seville). During our visit, we saw Belgians renting a bike for a tour of the city, Italians who picked up a trekking bike with bicycle bags to cycle to Portugal, and men looking for a road bike for a tour through the surrounding mountains. Carlos explains that Rent a Bike and their sister company, Bicisport, have an answer to every cycling question and are able to meet all the cycling needs in the region, emphasizing that they are much more than bike rental company. Do you want to cycle through Andalusia with a group and have your luggage transported? Or do you want to cycle to another part of Andalusia and have your bikes collected there? Carlos’ company can help you with this and more.

Rent a Bike Seville rents out all types of bikes: city, mountain, road, trekking, children’s, and electric bikes are all part of their assortment. The quality is excellent and from brands such as Focus and BH. The Plaza Santa Cruz location (open daily from 10 AM, except in bad weather) is not big enough for storing all those bikes and therefore Carlos has a second store on Calle Asuncion 78, where most of the maintenance is done and where you can go for repairs to your own bicycles. This location is open from Monday to Saturday during normal (Spanish) business hours.

Carlos is an ambitious and serious guy who speaks excellent English and is assisted by his cheerful employee Ali in his office on Plaza Santa Cruz.

We found Rent a Bike Seville to be a lovely company and one which we can confidently recommend to visitors to our website. All information about guided bike tours through Sevilla can be found HERE.

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