Villa and Home Rentals for Cyclists on Mallorca

Dutchman Ed Claassen started with renting out one villa on the island of Mallorca some years ago. Since then, his company Bike Villas Mallorca has expanded tremendously and offers a lovely selection of accommodations geared specifically to cyclists.

  • Rent villas with facilities tailored to cyclists
  • Choose out of a variety of locations (on the coast, in the mountains, or in a town)
  • Differing levels of size and luxury to choose from

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Accommodation for Large and Small Cycling Groups

For a cycling trip of a week or longer on Mallorca, you can join one of the many cycling travel companies with your friends or family that organizes the whole trip for you. It is also possible to plan and book your own cycling trip, as finding flights, arranging rental bikes, and finding transport and accommodation on the island is quite effortless.

Bike Villas Nearby the Biking Routes
In 2017, Ed Claassen, a cycling fanatic, bought and fixed up an old villa on Mallorca, which he rented exclusively to cyclists. Since then, he has expanded his presence and has many more “Bike Villas” available scattered throughout the island. All of the villas are strategically placed near well-known cycling routes for both road and mountain bikers. The villas can be rented in their entirety, and can sometimes accommodate groups as large 12 to 15 people. Even if you book with fewer people, sharing the cost of a villa from Bike Villas Mallorca is often much more cost-effective than staying at a hotel.

If you are seeking accommodation for your cycling trip on Mallorca, then you should seriously consider Bike Villas Mallorca. You can read reviews on their Facebook page.

You can view prices, availability, and more information on their website:

If you have any specific questions, you can also email them directly at

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